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Important of level design for adventure games

Now at first thoughts you might think that level design is not important for adventure games, but you would be wrong. Items that the player will use need to be in a place that fits, a place that must make sense so that they might be able to work out what this item might be used for and the player must know whether he or she can get said item from where they are located, if they don’t know that a specific room is there then they won’t go there.

The level design for the puzzle itself is just as important. In these sorts of games the player is asked to look around and survey the area in which they then must do a sequence of events to have a desired effect. If the player is unable to survey the environment they won’t have the information needed.

In the image below is an image from ‘Callahan’s Cross-time Saloon’, in this part of the game they are trying to meet the man who is in the door on the right. But they are unable to enter and so must draw him out. By talking to people, you find that he is very much agitated by noise and so the player will open the vent that is behind the chartering people in the middle of the screen, in-turn the noise will leak though and he will come out to see what is going on.

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