Research for Overwatch medkits

What type of mechanic is it?

  • Economy mechanic

What does it do?

  • Small medkits restore 75hp – 10s respawn

  • Large medkits restore 250hp – 15s respawn

  • Located around maps

  • Consumed instantly upon touch

  • Cannot restore more than maximum health pool

  • Cannot restore armor

What’s it for?

  • to provide more ways of healing yourself then just the team’s support (busy with someone else or dead)

  • keep players in the action longer

  • allows different heroes to be played, instead of multiple healers always being needed so the team has enough healing.

  • Provides healing to player who can’t yet healed because of their location, aka a sniper who is far away or a player who is behind enemy lines and would be too risky for the healer to help them.

What would happen if it was taken out of the game?

  • A lack of variation with the heroes played, multiple healers would always have to be needed resulting in some heroes never seeing play.

  • Players would be dying more frequently, meaning more down time for the players

  • Players are never forced to move from their position to get health.

  • Who will heal the healers.

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