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The impact of shapes in the real world

Us humans correspond shapes with different emotions, the shapes of the world can help us and make us feel different emotions. This is true for any visionally based construction, things like paintings, architecture, movies and of course games.

We relate circles with innocence, youth, energy and femininity. Objects like squares make us feel that the object is mature, stable, balanced and stubborn. And triangles make objects feel aggressive, masculine and forceful.

Do give some examples of this we will be looking at some real-world examples and explaining what they make us feel and why.

First is Elizabeth tower and the houses of parliament.

As you can see from the image above. Elizabeth tower and the houses of parliament is mainly made of squares and a few triangles, this gives the image of maturity, that this building is important and a place of power. So why where these shapes used? Well the tower and houses are a symbol of the country, and its stability and balance. And as this is where the government is held it wishes to show its maturity, these are things that we normally associate with squares and with the triangles show an element of force to show that is this a place of power.

Next is Shakespeare’s globe.

This building’s main element is that its round, making it feel more relaxed and fun while still having small element of maturity with some squares here and there. Again, we ask why it is this way? Well the globe is a theater, a place of fun and entertainment, something that we learn to do at a very young age. So, these cycles help to relieve us of are stress and make us feel innocence and youth again. As well as filling us with energy and engaging us with the show that will be performed. But as said there are still squares to help portray an element of maturity with the building, show that this is for an older audience rather than for children.

The last example is the shard.

This building straight of the bat is basically just made of large triangles, it forcefully catches your eye. It aggressively tells you to look at it. the designers of the building made it out of these shapes to as said catch the eyes of the people around it, to help make it stand out from the other buildings, also making for more recognizable than other buildings. To say that you work or live there will have a much strong impact on others then just another normal box shaped skyscraper.

Shapes can have a huge impact on how humans see objects, it can help draw emotions from them, helping to immerse them as you have some control over how they feel towards these objects.

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