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Hi, I'm Michael Rose, I'm a games programmer who is currently studying 'Computer Games Design and Programming' at Staffordshire University. 

I have been passionate about games for most of my life, and it was in my early teens that I went from just a consumer of games to wanting to be part of the gaming industry as a whole. In the future, I hope to work on projects that enrich and touch lives like other games have touched mine. 


At College, I studied a BTEC course in 'Interactive Games Design' at Gloucestershire College, in which I learned an initial set of skills in C# programming in Unity, 3D modelling and animation in Blender, and Texturing in Photoshop. After graduating I decided that I wanted to move on to University to further improve upon my skills.


Since studying at Staffordshire University I have been able to improve upon my skills with C# in Unity, as well as learn some new ones. which include Unreal Engine 4 and using C++ to make my own basic engine.


As well as studying at university, between the years I have been studying  using the online course provided by Ben Tristem, GameDev.tv's founder. from these courses, I have contained to improve my C# and Unity skills.


If you have any questions, job opportunities or just wish to chat, please feel free to contact me. 



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E-mail: michael.rose0@live.com 

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