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Game Description

A Knight's Melody is an endless rhythm game with the visual aesthetic of fantasy pixel art.

You play as an ever-vigilant knight, as you battle your way through endless waves of foes that lay in your way.

Tap the tiles at the right time as they drop from the top of the screen to generate a score and build up your attack bar, one’s the bar is full the knight will release a fatal blow to your enemy, taking them down and allowing you to proceed before you are confronted by the next enemy.

Make sure to tap the tiles that give you boosts like health and attack bonuses before they slip through your hands and hinder your journey. But watch out, some tiles will harm you if tapped and so best to avoid them.

Try to survive for as long as you can and let you name live on in legends.



Game Designer 

Gameplay Scripter


Staffordshire University


September 2017 - April 2018


Student Project (Solo)

Developed In


Key Work​​

  • Planning and scoping the project

  • Designed and scripting the rhythm tile system 

  • Designed and scripting the character animation management

  • Designed and scripting the game loop and saving system

  • Created all the environment and UI pixel art

  • Exported the game to mobile

A Knight's Melody is the game that I made for one of my second-year 'Social & mobile' module at Staffordshire University. 

For this module, I was tasked with making a game in Unity with the recommended platform being a mobile or social media game. 

The project was geared toward improving my C# and Unity skills, as well as just general game development skills and mobile game experience. The year before was about getting our games to work, and now this year was about getting them to work better by learning about events, interfaces, and programming design patience and structures. 


By Dadako

From 'Pixel Art Fonts

Audio Effects:


From '8-bit retro rampage: free edition'

Character Sprites:

By Silent Phil

From 'Pixel Art - Warriors Pack'

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