The Assignment

For this assignment, I was asked to create one polished, potentially publishable game using the Unity Engine. To help me manage my project effectively, we used elements of industry-standard practices including Agile and sprints. my game had been of sufficient depth and scope but the genre and gameplay were entirely up to me.



Grade for the module: First



A Knight's Melody

Social And Mobile Game Development Module

Game Description

A Knight's Melody is an endless rhythm game with the visual aesthetic of fantasy pixel art. 


You play as an ever vigilant knight, as you battle your way through endless waves of foes that lay in your way.

Tap the tiles at the right time to generate a score and build up your attack bar, ones full the knight will release a fatal blow to your enemy. make sure to tap the tiles that give you boosts like health and attack bonuses. But watch out, some tiles will harm you if tapped as well as failing to tap the tiles at the right time will help to bring your journey to an end. 

Try to survive for as long as you can and let you name live on in legends. 




Produced and Developed

by Michael Rose


Audio Effects


from "8-bit retro rampage: free edition"


by Dadako

from "Pixel Art Fonts"

Character Sprites

by Silent Phil

from "Pixel Art - Warriors Pack"



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