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Introduction to 3d Modelling for Games

Grade for the module: First



The Assignment

For this assignment, we where asked to select 1 of 5 pieces of concept art and then select a section of it to make. We had to make the high and low poly models within 3DS Max, make all the textures and mapping using photoshop, and finally, import it all into the Unreal Engine to make our small environment. 

We had to make all textures and mapping by hand to show that we understood the pipeline and progress needed to make these textures and mapping. 



Environment Description

The environment is made of: 

  • Half a desk

  • a filing cabinet 

  • a Book (with 5 different sets textures and mappings)

  • Cub and saucer 

  • a lamp

  • a fossil/shell ornament

  • a photo frame 

  • a wine bottle

  • a spoon

  • a piece of paper



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