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Introduction to 3d Games Engines

Grade for the module: First



The Assignment

Was asked to create assets for an obstacle course inspired by TV programs such as 'Takeshi's Castle', 'Total Wipeout' and 'The Crystal Maze'. Then using these assets, create a basic course that shows off the assets working. The game must be played from a first-person viewport and the assets must be made using unreal engine's blueprint system.   




Game Description

The environment is made up of: 

  • Hammer Doorway: Made up of 3 doorways, where one is randomly disabled, the other 2 will swing and knock back the player if they try to move through it. 

  • Stepping Stones: A 3 by 3 grid of platforms, one in each row will be selected, the others will have their collision turned off. 

  • Rune Shrine: 5 runes must be placed on it to complete the game. 

  • Red light/Green light: The player must make it to the other end of the room. However, they can only move forward when the light is green. if the light is red and the player moves they will be sent back to the beginning. 

  • Bridge Ball: here the player must make it to the other side and back while they get shot at my automated turrets. 

  • Ball Maze: the player must step on 4 pressure plates to rotate the maze to guide a ball to the end of the maze. 

  • Dash puzzle: the player must use their dash ability to get through the doors before they shut close. 

  • The shooting room: the player will move around the area looking for the targets and destroy them, ones all have been destroyed the door will open.




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