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Advanced 3d Games Engines and Scripting Module

Grade for the module: First



Game Description

The Game is a fast team-based arena shooter. Play with up to 3 of your friends locally in either Team Deathmatch or Domination. 

Use a range of different weapons, items and abilities as you leap, wall jump and slide your way to victory.



The Assignment

This assignment was slipt into two parts, one going across the first semester and the next going across the second semester

For the first semester, I was asked to create assets for a game in Unreal Engine 4, that game being of my own design. These assets had to fit on podiums that were provided to us, each podium was designed to check a certain requirement, like:

  • Projectile-based weaponry

  • Hit-Scan based weaponry

  • pawns and controllers

  • Object communication

  • inventory system 

  • Managers 

I was able to make more podiums if I had some more assets to place on them. 


For the second semester, I was asked to take these assets I had made in the previous semester and turn it into a full game. for this, I was shown how to use Game Modes to make the rulings for the game. The game had one major requirement, in that it had to be local multiplayer, either coop or verses. For this, I was being marked on my:

  • title screen

  • a team based game that spawns people in correctly

  • Win, lose and draw conditions for the game modes and signify who has won.  

  • The game must have coherent menus

  • Working AI 



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