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Game Description

‘Project Breach’ is a challenging side-on-view turn-based rogue-like strategy game where the player controls a small squad of soldiers which must fight through several rooms, In the hopes of completing their mission in this large sci-fi/cyberpunk cityscape. 

Each unit can perform two actions each turn, which includes: moving, shooting, abilities or interacting with the environment. The movement works on a grid-based system, and the shooting is done by providing the player with a firing angle, in which they can rotate it to point it in the direction they wish to shoot in. the projectiles then fire randomly within the firing angle. 

The game will be challenging but short, meaning that the player will fail multiple times but each time getting better and better, and so getting closer and closer to the end. Player units have only a small amount of health and when they die, they permanently stay dead. Meaning that mistakes can be heavily punished.

It’s a pixel art game, as stated before in a sci-fi/cyberpunk themed cityscape, with both inside and outside environments which are dirty, rusty and falling apart, with the emphases on a darker environment lit up with neon lights.



Game Designer 

Gameplay Scripter


Staffordshire University


September 2018 - April 2019


Student individual Project (Solo)

Developed In


Key Work

  • ​Research into strategy games like XCOM and other rogue-likes

  • Planning and scoping the project

  • Designed and scripting the character grid-based movement system

  • Designed and scripting the character ability system

  • Designed and scripting the AI

  • Designed and scripting the game loop and saving system

  • Created all the environment, character and UI pixel art

Project Breach was the project that I made for my Individual Project for my third year at Staffordshire University. 

For the module, I was given complete control to work on what I wanted, and so decided to make a side-on-view, turn-based, rogue-like strategy game in Unity.

For this project, I was mainly focused on improving my programming skills with C# and the Unity game engine, taking everything that I had learned over the past few years and trying to push it that step further in one large project. 

Design Document



By Dadako

From 'Pixel Art Fonts'

Background Cityscape:

By Ansimuz

From 'Cyberpunk Street Environment'

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