Game Description

Project Breach is a challenging side-scrolling turn-based rogue-like game where the player controls a small squad of soldiers which must fight through several rooms, In the hopes of completing their mission in this large sci-fi cityscape.  Each unit can perform two actions each turn, which includes: moving, shooting, abilities or interacting with the environment. The movement will work on a grid-based system, and the shooting will work by providing the player with a firing angle, in which they can rotate it to point it in the direction they wish to shoot in. the projectiles will then fire randomly within the firing angle.  The game will be challenging but short, meaning that the player will fail multiple times but each time getting better and better, and so getting closer and closer to the end. Player units have only a small amount of health and when they die they permanently stay dead. Meaning that mistakes can be heavily punished.



Project Breach

final year project





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