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Character Description

The Puppet Master is a character designed for a dungeon crawler game. 

The Puppet Master is a powerful artificer who has transformed her soul into a puppet. Now she travels the lands perfecting her craft, using her puppet minions to fight for her, as well as unleashing her new puppet creations upon the world.

The Puppet Master’s core idea is based around her minions. Though she does in engage with combat through her normal ranged attack, it is her minions that are meant to fight for her. All her normal form abilities use her minions in some form of another, the first three abilities are ones that allow her to order them to do something, in-turn indirectly controlling them. 

She can combine with her minions to transform into a grand puppet which gives a new array of abilities for the player to use for a period of time.
She also controller her enemies by pulling on their strings and manipulating their actions with debuffs.


Character Designer 

Gameplay Scripter


Staffordshire University


September 2019 - December 2019


Student Project (Solo)

Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

Key Work

  • ​Research into characters and dungeon crawlers

  • Planning and pitching of a character

  • Learning a pre-made game framework

  • Designed and scripting the character

  • Designed and scripting the character's minions

  • Designed and scripting the minion's AI

  • Designed and scripting the abilities, talents, effects, and items

The Puppet Master character was a dungeon crawler character that I had to design and implement into a dungeon crawler framework provided to me for my 'Advanced Character Prototyping' model at Staffordshire University in my master's year.

The project was mainly focused on the design side of making a character, however, there was still the technical side of getting it all working and having to learn the framework and play by its rules. 

Design Document


UI Icons and cursor:


'World Of Warcraft'

Decal Text:


Character Meshes and Animations:


'Mixamo', 'Paragon: Sevarog', Paragon: Minions'


Puppet Master

Dungeon Crawler Character

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