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Game Description

The aim Duskfall is to re-invasion the classic first-person games, like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall within a 12-week development period. Keeping part of their charm through mechanics and visuals, as well as bring more modern design and visuals to this genre. 

The player plays through a linear level set in a fantasy style. They will use a melee combat system that, just like the classic games, is restricted to only looking left and right, but the combat itself will draw upon more modern games where they can attack, block and parry enemies, resulting in the combat being more skilful and engaging. 

As stated before, the game is set in a fantasy setting, so a lot of environments is dungeons, towns and churches. Aiming for a classic feel with the environments and so the levels will be made of blocky geometry with pixel art sprite work applied to them, then with a post-processing effect on top to pixelize the screen. Also using some more modern features to help add a bit more visual flair like modern lighting systems. 


Game and Level Designer 

Gameplay Scripter


Staffordshire University


September 2019 - December 2019

(12 Weeks)


Student Project (Solo)

Developed In

Unreal Engine 4

Key Work

  • ​Research into retro first-person games like DOOM, Hexen and The Elder Scrolls 2: Dagger Fall. 

  • Planning and scoping the project

  • Designed and scripted the characters and combat systems with the C++ side of the unreal engine learned for this project.

  • Designed the level flow, pacing and layout, and brought it into the project

  • Created all the environment, character and UI pixel art

  • Environment lighting and post-processing effects implemented

Duskfall was the project that I made for my 'Advanced games environment design and research' for my master's year at Staffordshire University. 

For the module, I was given the task of making a game using 'Retro' games as inspiration. 

The project was mainly focused on the design of the level and how it played, but I still decided that I would try some new things relating to my programming skills, this took the form of my learning the C++ side of the unreal engine. 

Design Document



By Evil Mind

From 'Super Retro Audio Bundle'

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